NSW university offers 2015


20 January 2015 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… As in Victoria, the traditional January main round of university offers in NSW, through the University Admissions Centre (UAC), is decreasing in prominence in the calendar. Offers through the year and direct offers are becoming increasingly the norm. This year, universities have made 46,507 offers through UAC ‘s main round, down 4,307 (- 9%) on last year. But the total number of offers to date is actually up a little, at 76,339, up 1,542 ( + 2%) from last year’s 74,792. So, main round offers through UAC are now about 62% compared to 68% last year and almost 100% four or five years … [Read more...]

The Scan # 144 20 December 2013

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our best wishes for a joyful festive season and a happy and prosperous year in 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TAFE grants rescinded TAFEs have slammed the government’s decision to shut them out of a competitive capital grants fund, reneging on $76 million awarded by the previous government. 19 December 2013 | The grants, to TAFEs in the Sunshine Coast, … [Read more...]

Regional students prefer direct approach

The Australian     |    6 December 2013 There’s been a big increase in direct applications to universities, with the total number of direct applications to universities having increased from 61 805 in 2010 to 82,890 in 2013 (plus 34.1%). The increase in 2013 was 12.6%.______________________________________________________________Peter Lee, chairman of the Regional Universities Network RUN, has defended a 6% drop in applications this year to regional unioversities, saying a "massive increase" in direct applications by both school-leaver and mature-age students more than compensated for the fall in official applications data.   The official data only counts applications via state tertiary … [Read more...]

The Scan’s most viewed posts 2013


15 December 2013 In 2013, over 700 items were posted on The Scan (down from about 900 in 2012).   There were some surprises.   The short obituary on Peter Redlich attracted a surprising number of views because he died suddenly (although he'd been ill for some time), being Jewish, he was buried within 24 hours and a full obituary wasn't published for some weeks, so as word spread, people ended up at The Scan via search engines.  An increasing amount of traffic comes to The Scan by way of search engines:  The Scan "archive" of items is now approaching 2000 (it totals more than posts of over 1600 because a post may contain several items).   The Scan of 22 March 2012  is a perennial … [Read more...]

Undergraduate Applications, Offers and Acceptances 2013: Summary

15 December 2013 This report contains applications and offers data received from Tertiary Admissions Centres (TACs) and universities as of 15 May 2013.  It is an update of the data published in the earlier report The Demand Driven System: Undergraduate Applications and Offers, February 2013.  1.1         Highest Preference Applications As of 15 May 2013, there were 275 397 applications made through TACs, an increase of 0.8% compared with 2012.  Applications increased in NSW/ACT (2.0%), SA/NT (2.4%) and Tasmania (6.3%) but decreased in WA (-1.9%), Qld (-0.5%) and Vic (-0.3%). Applications by state and territory, … [Read more...]

The Scan in October 2013 : Most read items

1 November 2013 Why TAFE matters 25 October 2013  |  The insightful Leesa Wheelahan will soon be decamping the LH Martin Institute to take up the at the University of Toronto.  Here she reflects on the challenges facing the TAFE sector as a result of “VET reform”, which she suggests can only result in a greatly diminished role for TAFE, at great community and social cost....[ READ MORE ]....  Hockey rules out privatisation of HECS 18 October 2013     |    Treasurer Joe Hockey has  hosed down speculation that the government plans to “privatise” student debt, following claims that the right to recoup loans worth about $23 billion may be “sold off” to the private sector. But education … [Read more...]

The Scan | #135 | 30 August 2013

Gavin Moodie

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Go8 dumps minimum ATAR proposal The elite Group of Eight (Go8) universities have stepped back from a controversial proposal to dump the uncapped, demand driven system, a proposition it has been pushing for the best part of a year. The Group has argued that savings of $750m over 4 years that would flow from the introduction of a minimum ATAR of 60 for university entry could offset higher education cuts of nearly $4b announced since last October, including $2.8b earlier this year.   But Fred Hilmer, Go8 chair and vice-chancellor of UNSW, now … [Read more...]