Australian higher education in the international context


ACER     30  July 2012 The latest ACER Research Briefing in the Joining the Dots series analyses Australia’s higher education system in relation to global patterns, examining important international statistics, particularly those relevant to current targets and trends and finds that: Compared on a global scale, Australia has high attainment levels in higher education. Australia’s high attainment levels have only been reached relatively recently compared with other nations, which have experienced consistently high attainment over many decades. Individuals in Australia access higher education across a broader range of ages than in many other countries. Higher education increases … [Read more...]

$19 million in extra funding for regional universities

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Minister's Media Release    26 July 2012 The Commonwealth is providing $19.6 million in funding to Australian Catholic University, Bond University and Notre Dame University to improve their research capacity and drive stronger performance outcomes.  The funding is being provided under the Collaborative Research Networks (CRN) program, which fosters partnerships between (notionally) regional universities and larger organisations with more established research capacity. The Australian Catholic University will receive total funding of $7.9 million to partner with the University of Melbourne, St Vincent's Hospital (Melbourne) and the O'Brien Institute to develop and implement a suite of … [Read more...]

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Campus Review 23 July 2012


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The degree dividend

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The Australian    25 July 2012 Just about everybody other than artists and others in the bottom pay quintile of graduates makes money by doing an undergraduate degree, according to a study by a University of Canberra based team from the Centre for Labour Market Research. The case for a full time masters degree is more mixed. The study shows that while a masters in the humanities, nursing and education is good value the internal rate of in other areas is either negative or negligible. The analysis confirmed the all but universal assumption that graduates are not just good for national productivity but a degree is a generally profitable investment for individuals. The research also … [Read more...]

Group of Eight dominates as research funding increases

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Funding for the indirect costs of research moved up to an average of 29.8c in the dollar compared to the 2008 low of 18c, according to higher education analyst Frank Larkins, who crunched the numbers to see how the federal government's sustainable research excellence initiative was faring. Larkins says the government has taken "a significant step" in bridging the shortfall, but noted "further investments beyond those foreshadowed to 2014 will be required to achieve the target figure of 50c". His analysis also showed that funding for most of the Group of Eight universities increased. Their allocation rose from 67% in 2010 to 75% in 2012, while the Innovative Research universities … [Read more...]

Private provider offers HE subsidies

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A private management college is offering its own "subsidised" higher education places so students do not reject it on price grounds. International College of Management (ICMS) in Sydney is offering degrees at roughly the same cost as public university courses to students who pass entry score thresholds and an interview. ICMS says it has "made the leap to self-subsidise" because the government had ignored recommendations to offer commonwealth supported places through private providers. Managing director Frank Prestipino says ICMS had taken the approach after becoming one of the first NSW private colleges to have its enrolments handled by the state's Universities Admissions … [Read more...]