UC chases top ranking


Canberra Times    |    29 July  2013 The University of Canberra proposes to spend $15 million over the next five years on attracting top researchers as the university pushes to break into world rankings by 2018. The university has budgeted $3 million a year to attract 10 ''high performing'' researchers in five specialist areas: governance, environment, communication, education and health. The recruitment drive has started with advertising in the London Times Higher Education supplement, the target of UC's campaign being the ranking of ''young'' universities, with 13 Australian universities already in their top 100. Professor Frances Shannon, the university's deputy … [Read more...]

Australia’s super computer

ANU super computer

ANU Media    |   31 July 2013 Australia’s most powerful computer has been officially launched at the opening of the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) high performance computing centre at The Australian National University (ANU). Named after the Japanese god of thunder, lightning and storms, Raijin can perform the same number of calculations in one hour that would take seven billion people armed with calculators 20 years. The supercomputer is the largest in Australia, and reputedly the 27th  largest in the world, and will enable researchers to process vast volumes of data that would otherwise take years to complete, and simply not be possible using desktop … [Read more...]

TAFEs “delivering on quality and price” – Hall

The Australian    |   31 July 2013 The Victorian TAFE Association's recently commissioned report into the state's vocational training system is misleading and erroneous. The report cites an "overall increase in skills investment, over $300 million per year", yet four sentences later accuses the government of cutting VET funding. The fact is that in Labor's last year of government it was spending $800m a year on training and this year the Coalition government is spending more than $1.2 billion. This record investment is funding more training in areas of need. We have assigned greater subsidies to skills shortages and areas of training important to the economy. Training in these … [Read more...]

Models of Vocational Training Provision: “Lessons” from the Victorian Experience

Per Capita     |    29 July 2013 Executive summary of the report Training Days: Models of  Vocational Training Provision: Lessons from the Victorian Experience Few areas of Australian public policy have undergone such rapid change as vocational education and training (VET) in recent years. The introduction of private provision, known as ‘contestability’, has radically reshaped the VET sector. Contestability was first embraced in Victoria in 2009 in response to a widespread skills shortage, with other states since following suit. The objectives of contestability were to increase the supply of qualified trainees, while attracting greater private investment and improving quality through … [Read more...]

The Australian Higher Education Supplement 31 July 2013

This is The Australian‘s own summary of lead items in its online edition. As this is a subscription service, you or your organisation will need to have a subscription to The Australian to view the full article. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bosses decry skills quality Andrew Trounson A LEAKED Victorian government-commissioned survey has found that employers are losing faith in the quality of training qualifications. On Coursera to the future Julie Hare TWO more Group of Eight universities will sign up with education technology platform Coursera … [Read more...]

NCVER News July 2013

ncver news

Australian vocational education and training statistics: apprentices and trainees 2012 - annual NCVER This annual publication provides a summary of training activity in apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia, including information on training rates and duration of training. State/territory cuts of data are also available in Excel format. Australian vocational education and training statistics: completion and attrition rates for apprentices and trainees 2012 NCVER This publication presents completion and attrition rates for apprentices and trainees using three different methodologies: contract completion and attrition rates, based on the outcomes of contracts of training; … [Read more...]

Campus Review 29 July 2013

This is Campus Review's own summary of lead items in its online edition. As Campus Review is a subscription service, you or your organisation need to have a subscription to Campus Review to view the full article. All non subscribers to Campus Review can have access to a free online trial offer provides free online access to the website for 28 days. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Course quality flagged by new minister The new Minister for Higher Education, Kim Carr, has not clarified whether he will reintroduce university enrolment caps, despite signalling the need to focus on quality rather than student numbers, although he has been … [Read more...]