ANU to recast “re-positioning” strategy


NTEU News   30 April  2012 The Australian   1 May 2012 The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) has welcomed Vice Chancellor Ian Young’s decision to abandon his so-called ‘re-positioning’ strategy for the Australian National University (ANU), that would have seen up to 150 jobs lost and the imposition of retrospective performance standards.   The apparent back-down was communicated in an e-mail from the Vice Chancellor to ANU staff on 30 April. The timeline will be two years instead of the six months originally proposed.  But nothing in Young's email to staff suggests a reversal of the decision to target discipline areas. It is also unclear if redundancies will still be … [Read more...]

Still pretty hard to get into biomed


Entry standards for elite courses are plummeting as universities juggle status with government-imposed equity and growth agendas, according to The Australian.  This year, 62% of students accepted into Deakin University’s law degree, with an advertised Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) cut-off of 94.4, achieved a score below that.  At La Trobe University, 70% of admitted students scored less than the 94.1 cut-off for the double science degree, while 60% ofMonashUniversity's environment engineering intake scored less than the 90 cut-off.  Even Melbourne University's elite biomedicine program, a traditional pathway into its medical degree, enrolled 56% of this year's intake with ATARs … [Read more...]

Underlying Victorian TAFE operating results 2011

Institute 2011 ($ mill) 2010 ($ mill) % change Gordon 14.8 22.3 (42.3) Central Gippsland -1.04 -1.03 0.8 Kangan Batman -3.17 -2.12 (49.1) Sunraysia -1.9 -1.9 -- Goulburn & Ovens -5.7 -2.4 (138.9) Holmesglen 5.4 9.3 (42.3) East Gippsland -1.65 -0.6 (175.3) Wodonga -0.92 -1.9 51.1 NMIT 3.3 -0.56 695.5 South West -2.31 -3.01 23.2 Chisholm -1.07 -2.9 137.2 BRIT -5.07 -2.5 (100.4) Box … [Read more...]

Once was TAFE


   29 April  2012 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… The past couple of years have been like Christmas time for carpetbaggers in the Victorian VET sector. The “skills reform” initiated by the former Labor government opened up public funding of vocational educational and training provision to all comers.  And as to the field of dreams, the private RTOs have flocked. At the end of September 2011, 721 providers were delivering government subsidised enrolments in Victoria, almost 80 more than at the same time in 2010 and 160 more than in 2008. The share of government subsidised enrolments by private providers increased from 14% in 2008 to 36% at the end of September 2011 and is now in … [Read more...]

Vic to take razor to VET funding

Perhaps not...

The Australian    28 April 2012 Victorian TAFEs will be stripped of preferential funding arrangements and government support for many courses will be slashed to less than $2 an hour, under an overhaul of the open training market to be announced as part of the state budget on 1 May. The Australian reports that funding rates will rise for about 20% of courses, including apprenticeships and other high-cost training, which will assist TAFEs which dominate such training. The government will also introduce a 5% loading for regional training, scrap maximum and minimum caps on tuition fees and halve the funding most providers get for merely assessing students. TAFEs will be outraged … [Read more...]

Obama slow jams the news

The affordability of university education in the US has become a real issue and costs are set to increase even more with a proposed doubling of interest on student loans.  But the Barak Ness monster ain’t buying it …now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people. This is the sort of thing you can only do once but, as Mae West said of life, if you get it right you only need one go.  Watch how Obama dumps the mike and Jimmy Fallon’s reaction.   Republicans weren't amused:  Backlash begins after Obama slow jams the news … [Read more...]

Gloom with glimpses of light in latest student figures

The Australian    27 April 2012 SOME universities are in for a tough year with official figures showing the downturn in the number of new overseas students has deepened.  In the year to March, higher education commencements fell six per cent to 52,101, according to Australian Education International. (The key China market was down 6.9%.)  Higher education starts across all markets fell by only two per cent in the year to March 2011 and the decline last calendar year was 4.9%.  However, a lead indicator for universities, the English college sector, is showing some signs of recovery. … [Read more...]