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What subscribers say about The Scan

I think it’s a great read, and thanks for having me on board.

–          Gerogina ( TAFE, Queensland)

You have some great industry articles which I thought would be good to keep abreast of.  It is a great blog and put things into perspective for us non-industry people.

–                      Nadia (TAFE, Victoria)

I was hunting through articles and found my way to your site. I hadn’t heard of The Scan before recently but am pleased I stumbled on it!

–        Emma (University, Queensland)

I was searching for some articles of interest and came across your site. I like the way you aggregate content, removing the need to access multiple sites.

–     Olivia (San Francisco)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I’m thoroughly enjoying receiving The Scan – keep up the good work!

–           Alex (London)

I have to say its very informative.

–            Jim  (TAFE, Victoria)

The Scan is such a fabulous website! A BIG thank you…for this quality production.
–             Louise  (University, Queensland)


The Scan



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  2. aiecquest says:

    Not bad, finding relevant news about tertiary education, including international, but no marketing e.g. digital and SEO?

  3. ban thoi trang nam says:

    Today, their culture is around the world, promulgated
    by hip-hop.

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