“Step into skills” – ALP skills policy

ABC News   |     11  August 2013

Kevin Rudd has unveiled a $35 million plan to help young, disadvantaged job seekers become more employable.

AAP: Lukas Coch

AAP: Lukas Coch

The Step into Skills program will help about 9,000 job seekers before they undertake vocational training.

Rudd made the announcement in Queanbeyan in the NSW electorate of Eden-Monaro, held by Labor’s Mike Kelly.

Rudd says the program will fill a gap in the training system.

“There is a group of young folk who often fall between the cracks – those who come out of the school system but are not ready in terms of their skills set to head into formal vocational training,” he said.

“We want to make sure they can realise their full potential as well.”

ALP announcement

The Step into Skills program aims to empower and educate its participants, and will provide:

  •  8,900 training places to the most disadvantaged young people between 16-24 with  $35 million investment over three years.
  •  Training in core employability skills such as language, literacy and numeracy.
  •  Simulated work experience opportunities to ensure that young people are equipped with the practical skills they need to secure employment, such as communication and time management skills.

Young people who do not complete Year 12 or a non-school qualification often lack basic literacy, numeracy and employability skills, locking them out of the jobs market. 

Labor’s positive plan will support jobs and give disadvantaged young people the basic skills they need to set a path to decent and secure jobs.

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