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Queensland’s blueprint for skills reform: the government’s response

1 December 2012 As always with a complex reform process, the devil will be in the detail and the implementation - one suspects there will be significant moments of drama ahead over industrial relations and the level of public subsidy for specific courses.  But in its approach to skills reform and moving to greater contestability, the Queensland government has adopted a moderate and measured plan.   The least that might be said of it is that it eschews the the Victorian Götterdämmerung model.  And overall, if you're going to have skills reform, this is a pretty good plan. ____________________________________________________________________________ In its response to the Skills and … [Read more...]

TAFE in the era of skills reform

5 January 2014 .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................... An interview with Leesa Wheelahan Leesa Wheelahan, formerly of the L H Martin Institute for Tertiary Education Leadership and  Management at the University of Melbourne, recently moved to Canada to take up the William G Davis Chair of Community College Leadership at the Ontario Institute for Studies for Education at the University of Toronto. Leesa has been a champion of the public TAFE system  and a strong critic of successive governments’ reforms of the … [Read more...]

Queensland TAFE facilities up for grabs

The Australian    |    4 November 2013 The Queensland government has begun the search for commercial tenants of the state's TAFE infrastructure, with survey of the state’s private registered training oranisations (RTOs) to gauge their interest in using TAFE infrastructure, and under what terms.  Thirty-eight TAFE sites have been  identified  for potential private use. An email to staff from the education department’s TAFE Reform team indicated that the intention is to determine if and how private RTOs would use TAFE infrastructure that is not required by TAFE It stressed that only land and buildings are on offer and that equipment, in general, will remain the property of TAFE … [Read more...]

TAFE Queensland set up

The Queensland Government has passed legislation to establish the new TAFE Queensland as an independent statutory body. The minister for education, training and employment John-Paul Langbroek said the new entity will manage all TAFE institutes from 1 July this year.  It follows the recommendations of a review undertaken by the Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce. Langbroek said one of the first tasks will be to recruit up to nine board members with commercial experience and in-depth knowledge of VET in order to set the organisational structure of TAFE Queensland. I will appoint the interim CEO, however all future CEO appointments will be made by the board to reflect the … [Read more...]

TAFE Queensland Inc

Queensland Government      |     16 April 2013 As recommended in the Roche report on Queensland TAFE, the Newman government has introduced legislation to create to establish a new TAFE Queensland as an independent statutory body. Minister for education, training and employment John-Paul Langbroek said the new parent entity will come into being on 1 July 2013 to manage Queensland’s  13 TAFE institutes.   The government expects that under the new arrangements, Queensland’s TAFE institutes will be stronger and more responsive to the skills and training needs of students and industry.   Langbroek says that, up until now, the government has been both a purchaser of training and a … [Read more...]

$375m allocated under COAG skills agreement

Commonwealth Media    |     2 February 2013 An extra $375 million will be spent on vocational education and training in Western Australia, the ACT, South Australia and Tasmania under the National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform.  Approximately $28 million will go to the ACT, $127 million to SA, more than $39 million to Tasmania and $182 million to WA. An implementation plan was approved for the Northern Territory last year, providing an extra $18 million to the Territory. The key elements of the $1.75 billion reform package include: a national training entitlement giving working age Australians access to a government subsidised training place for the first time; the … [Read more...]

‘Evans reforms’ obscured by politics

Chris Evans’s work was unfinished. Why didn’t he stay and try to see it out? Photo: Jim Rice Tim Dodd  In his nearly three years as Tertiary Education Minister, does Chris Evans have any signature achievement to truly call his own? At first glance, no. In the higher education area he picked up the reform package of his predecessor, Julia Gillard, and implemented it. So he gets marks for good administration, but that doesn’t make him a reformer in his own right. To his credit, he did what had to be done to get international education, Australia’s largest service export industry, back on track. It had become a path to easy migration and was ravaged by the high Australian dollar, as well … [Read more...]

Evans championed reform & a level playing field

ACPET Newsroom    |    4 February 2013 ACPET CEO Claire Field  wished Senator Evans all the very best in his future beyond politics.  It commended him on his twenty years of service, particularly to the people of Western Australia.  His time in the Skills portfolio saw the Council of Australian Governments commit to reform their training systems to introduce greater choice and contestability.  In time these reforms will deliver significant benefits to learners, employers and communities. With most states now having signed off on their implementation plans for the reform of their training systems, it is timely for incoming minister Chris Bowen to now work with Queensland, New South … [Read more...]

Queensland’s blueprint for TAFE reform

Final Report of the Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce      |     6 November 2012 The final report of the Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce, established in June to advise the government on reform of the VET sector, differs little from its interim report in September.   It recommends a radical overhaul of industrial arrangements, and the closure of 38 of the state's 82 TAFE campuses (without specifying which ones).  The final report does, however, propose a timetable for transition to full contestability for public funding, beginning 1 July 2013 on a limited basis, with full implementation from 1 July 2014.  The Taskforce recommends that the actual amount of contestable … [Read more...]

National training “reforms” off to a small start

The Australian    |     6 October 2012 The Commonwealth government has endorsed the Northern Territory's plan to roll out the new national training 'entitlement' and is providing an additional $18 million over the next 5 years to help fund it. The funds are being allocated under the $1.75 billion National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform, which was signed off by the Council of Australian Governments in April. The national partnership is additional to regular federal funding of state and territory vocational training systems, which totals about $1.4bn a year. To qualify for the extra money, states and territories must submit plans detailing how they plan to implement the … [Read more...]