Queensland TAFE facilities up for grabs

The Australian    |    4 November 2013

The Queensland government has begun the search for commercial tenants of the state’s TAFE infrastructure, with survey of the state’s private registered training oranisations (RTOs) to gauge their interest in using TAFE infrastructure, qld-tafeand under what terms.  Thirty-eight TAFE sites have been  identified  for potential private use.

An email to staff from the education department’s TAFE Reform team indicated that the intention is to determine if and how private RTOs would use TAFE infrastructure that is not required by TAFE

It stressed that only land and buildings are on offer and that equipment, in general, will remain the property of TAFE Queensland.

The email said the government intends to give TAFEs priority access to their facilities “for up to two years”. TAFE Reform directors are evaluating what TAFEs’ ongoing infrastructure requirements would be.

Queensland skills reform

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