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  • Budget blunts student aspiration: ATN

    Posted at 11:16 am
    May 15th

    ATN News     |     14 May 2013
    atn_logo-small2 (144x81) (2)The Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) acknowledges the circa $400 million in new funding announced in the Federal budget to partially offset the impact of the $2.8 billion in cuts to higher education announced just weeks ago.

    ATN chair Peter Coaldrake emphasised that, as welcome as these funding initiatives are, “the real cuts are deeper than financial ones addressed in the budget; they are the cost of the deterred aspiration of Australian students who will face yet another obstacle to achieving a university qualification from January 2014.”

    The $1.2 billion in savings from converting the start-up scholarship to income contingent loans from January 2014 will result in 80,000 new higher education students, including between 15,000-17,000 students at ATN universities, having to make a choice about whether they take up extra debt (of up to $6,000) in addition to the HELP loan debt.

    In effect it is extending the disadvantage experienced by these students well into their working lives, which is an effect that is contrary to the premise of a university education.  This not only has personal consequences for the students involved, but also impact on productivity and the broader social and economic prosperity of Australia.

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