The Scan’s year

Summer edition 2016 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Scan in 2015 This year’s top ten reads were heavily skewed towards the “VET crisis” and attempts by authorities (rather belatedly in our view) to stamp out the obvious rorting, particularly in VET FEE-HELP funding, which has been truly scandalous. In fact, the number one post this year on The Scan is also the number one post of all time and by quite a bit. If you enter “rorting” in the … [Read more...]

The Australian Higher Education Supplement 2 October 2013

This is The Australian‘s own summary of lead items in its online edition. As this is a subscription service, you or your organisation will need to have a subscription to The Australian to view the full article. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Facebook offensive misses target Bernard Lane UNIVERSITIES are dramatically increasing their use of social media, but a new survey suggests their efforts might be all in vain. FedUni opens for business Andrew Trounson FEDUNI, as Australia's newest university is being tagged, was officially launched … [Read more...]

Academics behaving badly? Universities and online reputations

The Conversation    |    29 September 2012 Trying to control your reputation online is a bit like trying to clean up wee in a toddler pool. You are much more likely to get your hands dirty than achieve any kind of meaningful damage control. Many universities in Australia are trying to define what is acceptable – and unacceptable – for their staff members to say online. Academics too, are exploring the boundaries between expression of academic freedom and the obligation to their institutions in an age when anything you say or write can be easily posted online. A number of high-profile cases of academic trouble in cyberspace has prompted universities to try and protect their … [Read more...]