Australian Financial Review 8 July 2013

This is the Australian Financial Review's  own summary of lead items in its online education supplement. As this is a subscription service, you or your organisation will need to have a subscription to The Australian Financial Review to view the full article. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hot-housed students don't impress Tuckwell Britain-based  philanthropist Graham Tuckwell, who has donated  $50 million towards a scholarship fund  for ANU, points out that being smart is not just about a single score, it's about the process of how you get there.  In a characteristically frank observation, … [Read more...]

OUA buys leading private online provider

OUA Media Centre    |    1 July 2013 Open Universities Australia (OUA) has fully bought  Interact Learning Pty Ltd, trading as e3Learning - a leading online training and compliance provider to Australia's corporate sector. According to Paul Wappett, OUA chief executive, the acquisition reflects OUA's strategic objective to broaden its student offering, as well as meeting corporate demand for education, training and compliance. Importantly, we're creating an education pathway covering all aspects of post secondary education. e3Learning's unrivalled industry reputation for the development and delivery of innovative, high quality online training and compliance tools will deepen our … [Read more...]

OUA claims MOOC completion rates four times higher than global industry standard

Open Universities Australia     |    24 May 2013 Open Universities Australia’s MOOC program - Open2Study - has recorded completion rates of around 26% – almost four times higher than the  average MOOC  completion rates of 7%.  Since it launched in late March 2013, Open2Study has had over 20,000 enrolments and has currently attracted students from over 100 countries.  Open2Study offered 10 subjects, each four weeks long, which were pitched at what was judged as areas of key interest to people. Open2Study has also identified that approximately 50% of enrolled students do nothing after enrolling.  But of those students who start their study, 51% complete their learning. As … [Read more...]

Australian Financial Review 27 May 2013

This is Australian Financial Review's  own summary of lead items in its online education supplement. As this is a subscription service, you or your organisation will need to have a subscription to The Australian Financial Review to view the full article. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Local MOOCs record high completion rate Open Universities Australia report a course completion rate of over 25 per cent, higher than other providers such as Coursera and edX. Indigenous women graduates far outnumber males There was a sharp rise in indigenous graduates in 2011, and women far outnumbered … [Read more...]

The Scan Main Edition 22 March 2013

# 110 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Revolving door of tertiary ministers Chris Bowen's replacement as tertiary education minister will have the dubious distinction of being the fifth tertiary education minister in 15months and the sixth with responsiblity for innovation and research. Belinda Robinson, CEO Universities Australia, says tertiary education seems to be in a permanent state of policy instability with key policies being eroded and key initiatives slipping between the cracks. Simon Marginson, a professor of higher education at the University of Melbourne, says t doesn't matter who the … [Read more...]

Open Universities launches MOOC platform

OUA Media Centre     |      21 March 2013 Australia’s leading online higher education provider, Open Universities Australia (OUA),  has unveiled its own free online education venture, Open2Study. OUA describes  Open2Study as “a new dimension in online learning, … is designed with the online student in mind.“ Paul Wappett, OUA chief executive says Open2Study Open2Study isn't a me-too MOOC:  … it's objective is not merely attracting massive enrolments.  It’s the next evolution in online learning, centred on student success.  Open2Study provides an engaging and compelling education based on a comprehensive pedagogical model that recognises that online learners behave differently, and … [Read more...]

The Main Edition 22 February 2013

No. 107 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ANUx ANU joins edX The Australian National University (ANU) has become the only Australian member of edX, the online learning enterprise founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that aims to provide education to one billion people worldwide within 10 years.  edX has announced an expansion of its membership to include ANU, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, McGill University and the University of Toronto in Canada, and Rice University in the United … [Read more...]

Some advice on MOOCs

OUA  Media Centre    |    21 February 2013 As higher education institutions around the world consider whether to develop massive open online courses, Open Universities Australia (OUA) shares its advice on how best to design subjects for mass online consumption. According to OUA, the key to success is not getting stuck on the massive component but instead focusing on designing, developing and delivering the highest standard of education with the online student in mind. Paul Wappett, CEO of Open Universities Australia says There have been some major shifts in society which can’t be ignored by the higher education sector.   Today’s students consume information differently through … [Read more...]

Australian Financial Review Education Supplement 11 February 2013

This is Australian Financial Review's  own summary of lead items in its online edition.  As this is a subscription service,  you or your organisation will need to have a  subscription to The Australian Financial Review  to view the full article. _________________________________________________________ Response to Gonski doesn't add up The Australian Education Bill scheduled for debate in this parliamentary session is a public signal that the Gillard Government is committed to the Gonski Review's school funding 'reforms.' Open Unis smarten up course delivery Australia's largest provider of online tertiary education, Open Universities Australia, is revamping … [Read more...]