Victorian first round uni offers 2018

Down slightly on 2017

17 January 2018


Some 52,973 Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC) applicants received main round offers on 16 January 2018 for undergraduate courses in 2018. Since November 2017, VTAC has also issued 2,547 offers to international Year 12 students and 5,833 early offers. As a result, over 61,353 individuals have received at least one offer at this point, with several more offer rounds to come over the next month. Overall, this is a slight decrease from 2017.


To date, universities have released 55,195 local offers, a decrease of 2.5% compared with last year. TAFE institutes have released 1,618 offers and private colleges have released 1,993. The largest decrease in the number of offers by sector comes from TAFE, which may be attributed to the increased number of intending students applying directly (by way of comparison, in 2016 TAFE institutes issued 7,080 main round offers, and private colleges issued 2,184 main round offers).

This year 69,825 applications were received from local applicants for undergraduate courses.  Nearly 76% of those who applied have so far received an offer.

Overall application numbers represented a decrease of 3.4% in the total number of applications.

Applications from year 12 applicants increased for the fourth consecutive year by 0.5% or 228, taking the total number to 50,464. The number of non-year 12 applications through VTAC continues to decline.

Applicants continue to favour university courses with 67,099 listing a university course as their first preference, a decrease of 3% from last year. Applicants who placed a TAFE course as their first preference totalled 1,439 (a drop of 17.3%), while first preference applications for independent tertiary colleges totalled 1,287, a drop of 6.1% from last year.

VTAC Director Mrs. Catherine Wills said, “this shift in application and offer numbers, reflects the popularity of VTAC’s FlexiDirect initiative piloted in 2017/18 by three universities.”

FlexiDirect is a VTAC system for tertiary institutions which allows them to easily accept applications from adults returning to study or transferring from one course to another and allows universities to make daily offers. Offers made through FlexiDirect are outside the traditional VTAC offer rounds and are not reflected in the numbers above.

Mrs. Wills said, “in practice, many of the traditional adult VTAC applicants may have already received their offer directly from universities through FlexiDirect and until enrolments are finalised in late March, it is not yet possible to tell whether the numbers overall are up or down compared to last year”.

International applications from current year 12 students studying an Australian Year 12, such as the VCE or HSC (NSW) either in Australia or overseas, have increased by just over 28%. The main reason for this has been the increasing popularity of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) in China.

Of the 3,528 international students to have applied through VTAC, 2,547 (an increase of 23.8% from last year) have received an offer either in the early or main offer rounds.

Selection standards for education courses in Victoria

While the overall number of applications for education courses through VTAC continues to decline, likely due to the increasing popularity of FlexiDirect and other direct applications, the number of current year 12 students applying for education courses has increased by 1.9% from the same time last year. Offers to this group also increased by 1.2% compared to 2017.

For 2018, the Victorian government has introduced a minimum ATAR standard of 65 for education courses. The minimum ATAR is used in conjunction with non-cognitive behavioural criteria such as interviews and tests, and could include adjustments because of special consideration, access and equity issues or performance in particular studies.

The average clearly in ATAR for education courses in 2018 was 69.53.

Further rounds

Applicants who have not received an offer, or have changed their mind, there is still the opportunity to change preferences before the next round. Change of preference will reopen on Tuesday 19 January at 10am through the VTAC website.

The Supplementary Offer process will also be available to applicants who have not received an offer after round two, allowing institutions to suggest suitable courses with vacancies for applicants.

The second round of VTAC offers will be released on 2 February 2018.

Key facts and figures

The following information relates to VTAC applicants for undergraduate courses offered in 2018 by Victorian universities.


  • Total domestic applicants: 69,825 (-3.4)
  • Year 12 applicants: 50464 (+ 0.5%)
  • Non Year12 applicants: 19,361 (-7.4%)
  • International (Year 12 applicants): 3,528 (+23.8%)


61353 total undergraduate offers issued to date (-2.5%) comprising:

  • 52,973 main round domestic offers issued
  • 5,833 early round domestic offers issued
  • 2,547 international Year 12 offers issued




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