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One and one makes three: getting smarter with data

In a world of ‘big data’, smarter linkages between available datasets can provide new and valuable insight into education and labour markets. NCVER is working on such linkages that will enable us to obtain richer and more robust information on the VET sector.

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Linking NAPLAN scores to LSAY

Linking statistical datasets can help to better understand youth pathways and transitions.

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Deconstructing apprenticeships: current Australian and UK policy reforms

Research into the Australian carpentry trade reveals the importance of mentoring arrangements but apprenticeships models could still use some refurbishing.

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STEM-mania? Keep calm and carry on

Recognising the VET sector’s contribution to meeting future skill demands.

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Shedding light: the role of private training providers in delivering training to young early school leavers

Balancing student support needs with commercial realities for private ‘for profit’ RTOs.

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Establishing an international framework to better measure the return on investment in VET

Measuring the benefits of investing in VET can help to make the case for funding.

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Helping displaced older workers get back into employment

Training is just one of several interventions needed to get people back to work.

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The dynamic tension between national consistency and local flexibility

Jurisdictional approaches to implementing the student entitlement funding model and their differences may challenge the fundamental principles of the national training system.

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How transferable are skills across occupations?

Is there a better way to think of skills and jobs to enable better transferability between occupations?

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Have your say on future research: NCVER Research Prospectus

NCVER seeks your views and ideas on topics that address issues in the VET sector to guide the research program.

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NCVER data update

Commencements in trades has increased, and apprentices and trainees are more likely to get a job than other students.

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Introducing the VOCEDplus Pod Network – a new NCVER initiative

Save time and effort by accessing quality resources related to tertiary education in one location.

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