Victorian tertiary offers – main round – 2016

Down slightly on 2015

18 January 2016


Some 57,208 Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC) applicants received main round offers on 18 January 2016 for undergraduate courses in 2016. Since December 2015, VTAC has also issued 2,047 offers to international Year 12 students and 8,393 early offers. As a result, over 63,163 individuals have received at least one offer at this point, with several more offer rounds to come over the next month. Overall, this is a slight decrease from 2015 of 2.3%.


vtac2Universities issued 47,944 main round offers, 615 (1.3%) fewer than in 2015. TAFE institutes issued 7,080 main round offers, 370 (5%) fewer than last year, and private colleges issued 2,184 main round offers, 250 (12.9%) more than last year.

Catherine Wills, VTAC Director, indicated that the 2.4% decrease in the number of offers may in part be due to the direct application protocol that VTAC has with institutions.  The agreement allows adult applicants applying for a single approved course to apply directly to the institution. While applications from Year 12 students continue to increase, the number of applications from non-school leavers has declined by 2,606 (7.4%) since 2015.

In addition to undergraduate course offers and offers to International Year 12 students, on 18 January VTAC released offers to 2,608 of the 2,795 applicants for graduate entry teaching courses, bringing the total number of offers for both undergraduate and graduate entry teaching courses to 68,209, with several offer rounds still remaining.

Domestic Applications

Overall applicant numbers are down by 2% (1,156) from last year, with 72,886 domestic applicants for undergraduate courses in 2016.

Applications from Year 12 students increased for the third consecutive year by almost 1% (439) to 48,850, but the number of applicants who are not school-leavers (24,036) continues to decline, with 7.4% (1,917) fewer applying than last year.

Applicants tend to favour university courses, with 66,819 placing a university course as their first preference, a decrease of 1.6% from last year. Applicants who placed a TAFE course as their first preference totalled 4,698,  a 12% decrease from last year, while first preference applications for private college courses reached 1,307, an increase of 5% from 2015.

International offers

International applications from current year 12 students studying an Australian year 12, have increased by 13.8% (316) with 2,606 applicants for international undergraduate courses in 2016.

The number of international offers has also increased with 2,047 individuals receiving an offer to date, an increase of 15.6%.

Further rounds

Applicants who have not received an offer, or have changed their mind, there is still the opportunity to change preferences before the next round. Change of preference will reopen on Tuesday 19 January at 10am through the VTAC website.

The Supplementary Offer process will also be available to applicants who have not received an offer after round two, allowing institutions to suggest suitable courses with vacancies for applicants.

The second round of VTAC offers will be released on 4 February 2016.

Key facts and figures

The following information relates to VTAC applicants for undergraduate courses offered in 2015 by Victorian universities, TAFE institutes and private colleges.

Figures in brackets show changes from last year.


• Total applicants: 75,492 (-1.5%)
• Domestic applicants: 72,886 (-2.0%)
–  Year 12 applicants: 48,850 (+ 0.9%)
–  Non Year applicants: 24,036 (-7.4%)
• International (Year 12 applicants): 2,606 (+13.8%)


• 67,648 total undergraduate offers issued to date (-2.4%) comprising:
– 57,208 main round domestic offers issued (-1.3%)
–  8,393 early round domestic offers issued (-12.8%)
–  2,047 international Year 12 offers issued (+15.6%)
• 63,163 individual domestic applicants with at least one offer to date (-2.3%)

University applications and offers

(Domestic applications and offers only)

• 66,819 first preference applicants (-1.6%)
• Total offers issued to date: 55,412 (-2.7%)
– 47,944 main round offers (-1.3%)
– 7,468 early round offers (-10.9%)
• 53,386 applicants with a university offer to date (-2.1%)

TAFE applications and offers

• 4,698 first preference applicants (-12.0%)
• Total offers issued to date: 7,815 (-7.6%)
–  7,080 main round offers (-5.0%)
–  735 early round offers (-27.3%)
• 7,756 applicants with a TAFE offer to date (-7.7%)

Private college applications and offers

• 1,307 first preference applicants (+5.0%)
• Total offers issued to date: 2,374 (+9.9%)
–  2,184 main round offers (+12.9%)
–  190 early round offers (-16.3%)
• 2,369 applicants with a private college offer to date (+9.9%)

Graduate entry teaching (GET) courses
• 2,795 applications (-25.5%)
• 2,608 offers (-17.0%)


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Individual Victorian University Applications and Offers 2012-13//2015-16


  • First Preference Undergraduate Applicants
  • Early and Main Round Offers
  • Main round offers by the primary field of study
  • Average ATAR of VCE applicants by the primary field of study of their main round offer



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