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Are vocational streams the key to producing a more adaptable workforce?

NCVER1 Vocational streams could offer a framework for creating better connections between qualifications and jobs than the traditional approach based on specific skill sets for narrowly defined occupations.Show more…

NCVER’s research prospectus is full steam ahead

Through the introduction of the new research prospectus, NCVER is investing in a range of applied research issues that governments and key employer and training provider stakeholders identify as being of highest priority to them.

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Recognising the prior learning of adult apprentices: a match made in heaven or a rocky relationship?

Apprenticeships are changing, with more people over the age of 25 now undertaking them, and the amount of recognition of prior learning is also increasing. But are adult apprentices taking advantage of these earlier completion options?

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What factors drive the costs and benefits of apprenticeships and what is the impact of government incentive changes on the apprenticeship system?

A joint research partnership between the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) in Germany and NCVER is exploring two key issues impacting on the apprenticeship system in both Germany and Australia.

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The outcomes of education and training: what the research is telling us 2011-14

After five years of VET research, what more do we know about the sector?

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Employers’ views of work integrated learning

Work-integrated learning is a means of increasing students’ experience with the world of work, but what does it mean for employers involved?

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Who is delivering foundation skills?

The need for individuals to build and develop their foundation skills is becoming increasingly important with a general move to greater knowledge-based work. A recent NCVER survey looked at the workforce delivering foundation skills training.

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Older workers: opportunities and challenges

As the workforce ages, the challenge for the VET sector, industry and employers will be to acknowledge the skill base that the older worker brings and to invest in this group further.

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Regulating and quality assuring VET: some international developments

What can Australia learn from our overseas counterparts to ensure quality in the Australian VET system?

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Big opportunities from new reporting requirements: National VET Research Conference wrap up

Youth, pathways and skills – hot topics at the 24th National VET Research Conference.

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NCVER data update

Find out more about the latest data releases on apprenticeships and traineeships, government-funded students and courses, the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth, student outcomes, and forthcoming publications.

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