ACPET National Monday Update, Edition 607, 8 June


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The sector moves on – I think. 

I would like to start with what will become a weekly ‘profiling’ of upcoming sessions at our National Conference. Last week I mentioned the focus on public policy and the reform agenda. This year’s conference will kick off with a provocative but much needed discussion, involving a panel of high profile representatives of the sector. Leading edge CEOs and CEOs who are trying to rebuild after everything went wrong (for them and all concerned) will be joined by a ‘Broker’, Industry representatives and a high profile academic.

The group will be led in the discussion by a well-known journalist who will ask the confronting question we must face: Has competition ruined the Training Industry?


Last week I spoke to you all about the developments in South Australia.

A resolution has not yet appeared, though this is not surprising.

The key concern is what the changes really mean for students and the young unemployed.  Put simply the reform (?) sees the number of government-funded vocational education and training places collapse by 92,000 places since 2013. Yes, there were 173,000 students in government-funded training in 2013, compared to 81,000 (including existing students) places in 2015/16 budget.

For a State that needs high quality skills and pathways to help rebuild an economy, this type of fall is untenable and will hold back the State for many years to come. If you are unemployed or long term unemployed, the odds on winning a training place are like winning Lotto. Of course I am also concerned that of the new places, only 5000 students of 51,000 will get any choice between public and private registered training organisations. This further exacerbates the problem – it is the students in South Australia who have voted with their feet. Despite only receiving 18% of the funding, private RTOs delivered over 43% of students.

The opportunity is that this shows just what is possible if Assistant Minister Senator Simon Birmingham by-passes the South Australian Government and contracts the $65 million of training direct with the private sector. The sector will deliver up to three times the outcomes, and we can all work to ensure quality outcomes…. Read more


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