ACPET National Monday Update 9 February 2015


  Rod Camm2
Rod Camm defends private provision
I recognise that (unfortunately) education is a very political issue, particularly at the moment.

I would hope we are all in the industry to provide outstanding education to students. We have an internationally recognised quality system. If you are following the current debate, you may have trouble believing this!

Various elements of the vocational education and training sector are using the debate to further their own arguments, which is undermining confidence in our system.

What a surprise that the Australian Education Union has released a report that labels privatisation a ‘disaster’. They are certain that a TAFE monopoly is the only way!

I share their interest in ensuring that the vocational education and training system delivers the best results for students.  However, let’s not ignore that it is students who are voting with their feet and are choosing quality training colleges. This is not a negative – students are making these choices.

According to the Union, private training delivers nothing but poor quality, taxpayer waste, fat profits and poor outcomes for students. I doubt I have read a more biased and poorly researched report than the one released to support these assertions. Disappointing at best.

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Support student choice- Higher Education Petition Edition 590, 9 Feb

The Federal Government’s higher education reforms look set to be put to the Senate again in the coming weeks. ACPET has developed an online petition highlighting the need for the reforms, without which students studying at private higher education providers remain disadvantaged. We aim to… Read more

This week in National professional development Edition 590, 9 Feb

This week in professional development, we have a range of webinars from language and literacy through to education brokers. Check out what’s in store for the week: Introduction to the new NVR standards 2015 Educational Brokers – the good, the bad and the ugly Delivering win-win fee… Read more

Foundation Skills for RTOs: free professional development in 2015 Edition 590, 9 Feb

Do I really understand the ACSF and CSfW frameworks? How do I apply them in my role? How do I help others in my RTO to apply them? RTO staff come from a wide range of industry backgrounds with varying levels of foundation skills knowledge. The Foundation Skills Frameworks provide common tools… Read more

ACPET member only professional development offer! Edition 590, 9 Feb

Exclusive for ACPET members, for the one-off price of $800 (exc GST), 10 of your staff may access all ACPET webinars from now until the end of June 2015, and also request recordings for those you have missed during the second half of 2014. Please contact Dylan Wolfgramm for further details of this… Read more

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