ACPET National Monday Update 8 December 2014


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The fast pace of Tertiary education continues to unfold Edition 583, 8 Dec

We have seen the defeat of the higher education reforms in the senate and the subsequent reintroduction of the Higher Education Research and Reform Bill 2014. The new Bill contains a number of changes from the initial version:

  • indexing of student debt will remain based on CPI rather than the 10 year bond rate,
  • a pause on indexation for primary carers of a child under 5,
  • a structural adjustment package to assist universities (particularly regional)  transition to a more competitive market,
  • a new scholarship fund for universities with high rates of low SES students, and
  • a guarantee that domestic student fees will be lower than international student fees.

The defeat of the Reforms was a major blow for our sector and particularly for low SES and regional students across Australia.
Extending government supported places to non-university higher education providers and removing the 25 percent administration fee for HELP assistance would have created a more level playing field for all higher education students. Blocking these reforms means students at private colleges will continue to pay full fees and face higher debt levels to access loan assistance compared to their public university contemporaries…. Read more


FTA adds 77 more private Australian providers on China ‘white list’ Edition 583, 8 Dec

The PIE News Article posted on Dec 3, 2014 by Katie Duncan Following extensive negotiations, a bilateral trade agreement between China and Australia will extend the number of Australia’s private HE institutions featured on the Chinese government’s JSJ (Jiaoyu Shewai Jianguan Xinxi Wa… Read more

AFU: Education Exhibition Sri Lanka 12-13 Feb 2015 Edition 583, 8 Dec

Austrade initiative to highlight the quality and expertise of the Australian education and training sector to prospective students, parents, local institutions, government, and corporations. This event is designed to promote your institution and the outcomes of Australian education to the Sri Lankan… Read more

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