ACPET National Monday Update Edition # 577 27 October 2014

Rod Camm takes over at ACPET


In Focus

In Focus Edition 577, 27 Oct

I am very pleased that today I have commenced in my role with ACPET.

It is a tremendous honour to lead an organisation that represents the interest of private tertiary education providers, at a time of enormous change across the education spectrum.

I would like to pass on my gratitude to the acting CEO Larry Davies. Larry has been able to provide real stability at a time most needed.

You would all no doubt appreciate that the higher education reforms currently before the senate, early signs of a recovery in international education, different VET contestability systems being implemented across the country and a high level of media scrutiny of private providers are just a few of the issues we must deal with.

This pace of change places considerable responsibility on ACPET. It is a critical priority that we work with providers, industry and government in ensuring not only a voice, but in influencing the change agenda… Read more


2014 Australian Training AwardsEdition 577, 27 Oct

The Australian Training Awards will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Friday 21 November 2014. Pre-dinner drinks commence at 6:15 pm and official proceedings from 7:00 pm. Commencing in 1994, the Australian Training Awards are the peak, national awards for the vocational education and tr…Read more

Identifying and meeting the needs of international students Edition 577, 27 Oct

Do you have adequate entry requirements for your international students? And why is this so important? Are your students fully informed on what to expect before they arrive in Australia? Is your student orientation process adequate? Do you capture the expectations of students? Do you know what… Read more

RTO Financial Management: Making it EasyEdition 577, 27 Oct

Do you know what your expenses are in running your RTO? Do you need an accurate costing system to secure the long term viability of your training organisations? The complexity of training services and in particular funding arrangements, makes costing one of the biggest challenges in vocational… Read more

How to tap into new markets Edition 577, 27 Oct

Looking to expand your business? Need to develop a business growth strategy? Not sure what’s out there or how to engage? In this session you will gain an awareness of opportunities for new training markets so that you may take advantage of potential opportunities in business development… Read more

Meeting the standards: getting compliant with LLN Edition 577, 27 Oct

Your RTO has a legislated, regulatory obligation to incorporate language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) into its business. Achieving this may seem daunting. But with some expert guidance, you’ll clearly understand your requirements and how you can firmly embed them into your RTO’s’… Read more

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