ACPET National Monday Update 13 October 2014


In Focus Edition 575, 13 Oct

During the week Dr George Brown and I appeared before the Senate Hearings into the Higher Education and Research Reform Amendment Bill representing ACPET members. After a well prepared opening statement delivered professionally by George we were asked a number of questions. Much of the focus was on the characteristics of ACPETs HEP members and their preparedness to provide support to the socially disadvantaged. The questions brought into focus again the lack of information ACPET and the sector as a whole has about its activities and especially all the great things achieved by our members.

ACPET has on a number of occasions asked members for information about their activities and contribution to their communities. Unfortunately the information forthcoming has been very limited and we have not developed a comprehensive strategy to get these good news stories out to key stakeholders and the community at large. The importance of this work is highlighted whenever the private sector is put under attack and characterised as uncaring and interested solely in making money at the expense of students and the Government. At this stage I really would have liked to be able to ask which of the questioners have been engaged in the private school system, either as students or parents, or used a private hospital, maybe even caught an outsourced bus as part of our public transport system. It amazes me how the higher education sector is seen as inherently different to all other parts of government activities and the economy where a public, private mix is seen as inherently beneficial to consumers and government… Read more


India Australia Skills Conference – 11 November 2014 in Mumbai Edition 575, 13 Oct

The Australia India Education Council (AIEC) Skills Working Group is delighted to invite ACPET members to attend the third India Australia Skills Conference, Skills for Better Business, which will take place on 11 November 2014 in Mumbai. Held in conjunction with the Confederation of Indian Industr… Read more

Foundation skills in the workplace – the role and options for VET educators Edition 575, 13 Oct

This webinar explores the importance of foundation skills in the workplace. It focuses on the extent of the problems with foundation skills and what strategies and options can be adopted by VET educators to achieve sustainable benefits for workers seeking to progressively achieve the required levels… Read more

Only 5 places left! Credit Transfer: a step by step good practice guide Edition 575, 13 Oct

Credit Transfer (CT) sounds as though it should be a straightforward exercise in your RTO. But then along comes a different or tricky scenario that doesn?t quite fit your credit transfer policy and procedures. This webinar provides some background to the what, why and when of CT, then a step-by-ste… Read more

Understanding the VET Quality Framework for Administration Staff Edition 575, 13 Oct

Do your administration staff understand the SNR standards? Do they understand how their work impacts on a RTO’s compliance? The National VET Quality Framework is the basis for registered training organisation’s (RTOs) registration to deliver accredited VET training. Administration… Read more

Blogging brings business to your Institution- but how? Edition 575, 13 Oct

Many institutions have their website in ‘set and forget’ mode, hoping this will be a useful digital shop front which will attract new business. ‘Static websites may as well be invisible’ they simply do not provide strong return for your investment. Blogging or having a ‘latest n… Read more

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