ACPET National Monday Update 11 August 2014


In Focus

In Focus Edition 566, 11 Aug

Firstly let me provide some good news to all those who are part of, or are looking to join, ACPET’s Australian Student Tuition Assurance Scheme (ASTAS). We have been successful in negotiating a new insurance arrangement which is not only an improved service it is also considerably cheaper than previous arrangements. All the details have not yet been finalised and we will further modify arrangements to simplify the application process in the coming months…. Read more


ACPET’s LLN Capable RTO project showcase is happening this Thursday and Friday.Edition 566, 11 Aug

One of the participants is Wisdom Learning based in the ACT, who will be demonstrating an LLN implementation guide that they have developed during their participation in the LLN Capable RTO project. Participants of this project will be showcasing the range of tools and processes that they have… Read more

National Skills Week: 500 local eventsEdition 566, 11 Aug

The primary focus of National Skills Week is to promote the diversity, possibilities and options for career outcomes, and to recognise the teachers, students, business and training providers who make it happen. This year’s theme is “The Magical Mystery Tour of Skills”. Information… Read more

HELP approved provider trainingEdition 566, 11 Aug

The Department of Education will be conducting training sessions for approved HELP providers throughout 2014.This training is suitable for recently approved HELP providers or existing HELP providers that wish to refresh their knowledge. Please see session details below: To reserve your place at an…Read more

NEW in 2014! Beyond the Audit: getting the rectification right Edition 566, 11 Aug

The audit has been conducted and non-compliances have been identified. So, what happens next? As part of the audit process, RTOs are given just one opportunity to provide further evidence of their compliance. As many RTOs have discovered, the consequences of failing to provide the appropriate evide… Read more

Blogging brings business to your Institution- but how? Edition 566, 11 Aug

Many institutions have their website in ‘set and forget’ mode, hoping this will be a useful digital shop front which will attract new business. Static websites may as well be invisible – they simply do not provide strong return for your investment. Blogging or having a ‘lat… Read more

Principles and techniques for creating engaging video content for teaching and learningEdition 566, 11 Aug

The focus will be creating and customising Video and Audio Sequences for use in the flexible delivery of training. This will be information driven session where Michael will guide participants through using the basics of drafting, recording, editing and distributing video to enhance the learning con… Read more

Limited places available! Elements of a compliant TAS Edition 566, 11 Aug

A Training and Assessment strategy (TAS) is a ‘must have’ document for every qualification in an RTO. But it is an area of non-compliance in many audits. So, what should go into a good TAS? In an uncomplicated approach, Robyn Maher will take you through a checklist of recommended compon… Read more

Feedback on Call for Comment 3 – Higher Education Standards Panel Edition 566, 11 Aug

Feedback on Call for Comment No.3 Communiqué 12 and public submissions The twelfth Communiqué from the Higher Education Standards Panel provides a brief initial response to feedback obtained from the sector including input from ACPET and its members in response to the panel’s C… Read more

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