ACPET National Monday Update | #559 | 23 June 2014


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USI Bill passes and Assistant Minister Sussan Ley to also address National Skills Summit Edition 559, 23 Jun

The final program will be issued tomorrow but in the meantime we’ve re-jigged the ballroom set-up at the Realm Hotel to squeeze another 16 seats in – so if you want to be there – register now.

Student Identifiers Bill 2014 – the introduction of the USI

In other news last week, members should be aware that the Student Identifiers Bill 2014 has passed, allowing for the introduction of the Unique Student Identifier from 1 January 2015. The legislation is supported by ACPET as it will ensure students have ready access to a permanent record of their learning, governments can manage eligibility for government funded places, and we will all have a better understanding of how learners move through pathways within and across the VET sector…. Read more


Vale Steve Pasfield Edition 559, 23 Jun

ACPET members, particularly those in NSW and Western Australia, will be as deeply saddened as members of the ACPET Board and I were to hear the news that Steve Pasfield was tragically killed when a car hit his motorbike from behind in a traffic accident on Friday. Steve joined the ACPET Board in 20… Read more


Want to know more about ACPET’s Quality Support Team services? Edition 559, 23 Jun

From 1 July, ACPET is introducing its newest member exclusive support services, made up of: a Quality Help Desk a broader range of health check services on-site support. Want to hear more? Register for ACPET’s complementary webinar on Thursday, 26 June, 4.30pm – 5.15pm (EST) or email Mar… Read more

ACPET’s LLN Capable project – working towards our VET sector show case: National Job Link Edition 559, 23 Jun

On 14 – 15 August, participants of ACPET’s current RTO LLN Capable project will be showcasing their LLN product, developed as part of this project. One of the participants is National Job Link, based in Cairns, who decided to develop and trial a LL&N student indicator tool. As part of the p… Read more

Introducing Patricia Bailey Edition 559, 23 Jun

Patricia Bailey (Trish) has commenced today in the role of National Administration and Member Support Officer. Trish has extensive experience in customer service, having worked for a large barrister firm in Melbourne for over 25 years. Trish will be supporting the implementation of our national PD p… Read more

Social media tools for training: Youtube and Flickr Edition 559, 23 Jun

So you know about YouTube and Flickr and best of all, they are free! Did you know that both tools offer exciting opportunities for distributing learning content? YouTube is a powerful free tool for businesses to engage an audience with online video and Flickr is a social media site for sharing imag… Read more

Export Market Development Grants – what’s available and how do you get it? Edition 559, 23 Jun

The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) program can provide up to $150,000 per year to support your institution’s export marketing activities. If you’re not claiming what you’re entitled to or maximising your claims, you’re at a competitive disadvantage and restricting yo… Read more

Educational Brokers – the good, the bad and the ugly Edition 559, 23 Jun

Education agents and educational brokers can provide an effective marketing solution, particularly to small providers, however, there’s an old saying that “brokers can send you broke”. If your RTO is thinking of using a broker to attract domestic students – what questions sh… Read more

Digital e-learning tools: what’s out there? Edition 559, 23 Jun

What’s out there in the e-learning space? Do you know what gamification, flipped classroom and augmented reality means? How easy are they to incorporate into my institution? In this session we will look at essential software, tools and approaches to implement a contemporary approach to… Read more

Green Gown Awards open to all providers until 5 August Edition 559, 23 Jun

Apply now for the Green Gown Awards, open to ALL education and training providers in both VET and Higher Education regardless of size or type. New for this year is a category called – Best Newcomer, which is aimed at those on the start of their sustainability journey or those that have not c… Read more

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