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How to develop good research questions

What’s your problem? Refining your research question

Interested in finding out how to develop good research questions to make your project a success? This is one of five pre-conference workshops at the 23rd National Vocational Education and Training Research Conference ‘No Frills’ on 9 – 11 July 2014, Melbourne. Other workshops include:

* Getting to know the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth: research, data and resources
* Preserving our research: the archival role of VOCEDplus
* Rolling the dice: tips for successful research funding proposals
* Accessing NCVER Portal for VET research and statistics.

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Webinar: What influences young people’s aspirations?

Do aspirations really matter? Do student background factors influence educational outcomes? What factors drive the occupational aspirations of young Australians? NCVER’s Sinan Gemici and Chris Ryan from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research will present findings from recent LSAY research on the drivers of young people’s aspirations at the webinar Aiming high: what drives the educational and occupational aspirations of young Australians? Held on Thursday 5 June, Youth Connect’s Daniela Ascone and Robert Simons from ACER will join the discussion. Don’t miss out!

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Looking for AVETMISS compliant software?

See NCVER’s new AVETMISS Compliant Software Register, a valuable reference for choosing a student management system.

The Register provides a list of student management systems registered by vendors with a checklist of features. For smaller registered training organisations (with less than 100 students), NCVER has developed a free web-based data entry tool…[ READ MORE ]…

Recent research releases

The impact of increasing university participation on the pool of apprentices

Tom Karmel, Patrick Lim, David Roberts

The expansion of the higher education sector has had an effect on the quality of apprentices, with some young people, who may have undertaken an apprenticeship in the past, choosing to attend university. This research also found that the expansion of higher education has primarily come from young people with higher socioeconomic (SES) backgrounds, whereas the growth in apprenticeships has been from people from lower SES backgrounds….[ READ MORE ]…

Recent statistical releases

Australian vocational education and training statistics: apprentices and trainees 2013 – December quarter


There were 392 200 apprentices and trainees in training as at 31 December 2013, a decrease of 12.9% from the previous year. For more information on estimates of apprentices and trainees activity in Australia for the December quarter 2013…..[ READ MORE ]…

Australian vocational education and training statistics: students and courses 2013 – preliminary data


Statistics show the total number of students enrolled in publicly funded training for 2013 decreased 3.4% to 1.88 million students from 1.94 million in 2012. For preliminary figures on the number of students, subject enrolments, hours of delivery and full-year training equivalents relating to Australia’s public vocational education and training system…..[ READ MORE ]…

Australian vocational education and training statistics: students and courses 2013 – publicly funded training providers


For a summary of students, courses, qualifications, training providers and funding in Australia’s publicly funded vocational education and training (VET) system for 2013…..[ READ MORE ]…




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