ACPET National Monday Update 5 May 2014


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The Audit Commission, TAELLN411, and what else is Pozible…? Edition 552, 5 May

As ACPET members will be aware the Audit Commission report Towards Responsible Government was released on Thursday and recommends sweeping changes to the VET and higher education sectors (amongst a raft of major changes). ACPET’s response to the proposals are included below and as per previous advice to members last week, I consider it unlikely that they will all be implemented…. Read more


Interest in pursuing opportunities in Brazil Edition 552, 5 May

For a little over six months ACPET has been working with Austrade to examine opportunities for our members in Brazil. As part of this process, last October two members of SENAI (a network of commerce schools in Brazil) and SENAC (the National Service for Industrial Training) who work with VET on a d… Read more

Be part of the debate on the future of Australia’s Higher Education system Edition 552, 5 May

What a great time to attend this year’s ACPET Higher Education Symposium (Sydney – 22 May 2014). Just a week after the government is set to announce major changes to higher education in Australia to improve equity and drive competition – this year’s Symposium will allow members firsthand op… Read more


Introducing a new e-learning deal exclusive for members Edition 552, 5 May

ACPET is pleased to advise of its new partnership with e-works, which delivers a cost effective e-learning solution, exclusively to its members. More information is available here or by contacting John at e-works for more information on 03) 96618754…. Read more

ACPET representing you at the CDAA Conference Edition 552, 5 May

ACPET has a booth at the 2014 Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) Conference. We will promote our members to career practitioners as well as career related agencies, with over 300 registrants. As there will be a focus on new technologies and the use of social media in career develop… Read more

Approved VET FEE-HELP Provider training sessions Edition 552, 5 May

The Federal Department of Education will be running introductory VET FEE-HELP training for approved VET providers in a number of locations around Australia in 2014. This training is suitable for new administrators of VET FEE-HELP, recently approved providers or existing providers that wish to refre… Read more

Digital e-learning tools – what’s out there? Edition 552, 5 May

What’s out there in the e-learning space? Do you know what ‘gamification’, ‘flipped classroom’ and ‘augmented reality’ mean? How easy are they to incorporate into my institution? In this session we will look at essential software, tools and approaches… Read more

Registrations are now open for the 2014 Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) Provider Forum Edition 552, 5 May

The Federal Department of Education is hosting the 2014 HELP Provider Forum: Quality and deregulation – better, faster, stronger at the National Convention Centre in Canberra on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 August 2014. Approved HELP providers can now register their attendance by clicking here…. Read more

Integrating language and literacy support in delivery and assessment Edition 552, 5 May

Are you feeling daunted about using the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) to help you address your students’ LLN skills requirements? With some expert guidance, you can gain a clear understanding the ACSF and confidence to use it effectively to implement LLN support in your delivery a… Read more

Working Models of Industry Partnerships: beyond government funding Edition 552, 5 May

How can I tap into fee-for-service training services to industry? And what other sources of funding, other than skills reform government funding, are available to me? This session will help you to think outside the ‘government funding square’., explore models of industry partnerships t… Read more

Are you planning to do or expand your business overseas? Edition 552, 5 May

Are you thinking of delivering overseas? Where are the opportunities? Where are the pitfalls? In this session you will gain a good understanding about delivery in international education markets, so that you can take advantage of potential opportunities in developing or expanding your educati… Read more

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