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Wednesday 30 April

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Comments on the Demand Driven Funding System Report

Jim Davidson

Comments on the Demand Driven Funding System Report from Jim Davidson who spoke at the CSHE & LHMI Seminar on this report on Wednesday 16 April.

Demand Driven Funding Review debate: a user’s guide

Dr Geoff Sharrock

The main proposals of the Kemp-Norton Review of Australia’s “demand driven” funding system for higher education, released in mid-April, have been reported and debated fairly widely. This user’s guide from Geoff Sharrock aims to help the sector navigate the current policy debate.

Challenges in assuring the quality of our universities – anticipating the future

Dr Jan Cameron

Australia’s higher education quality assurance and regulation landscape has been through significant changes in the past few years, and looks certain to go through more in the years ahead. In New Zealand AQA has been paying close attention to the Australian reforms, while making our own small adjustments to our existing systems.

Australia’s economic tsunamis, innovation-led growth and the entrepreneurial State

Fabiana Barros de Barros

Where will jobs come from after the mining boom? How to boost Australian productivity? What factors will drive long-term growth? What will be Australia’s position in the global market in the years to come? Such questions have populated public debate lately.

Higher Education in Brazil: Overview, Challenges and Upcoming Overhauls

Rafael Arruda Furtado & Tatiana deCampos Aranovich

Brazil has undergone dramatic changes. These improvements, together with a robust increase in state funding have driven a sharp rise in the volume of students enrolled in higher education, challenging authorities and regulators to assure the quality, efficiency and equity of the higher education sector.

Upcoming Programs & Events

Tertiary Education Leadership: Leadership and the National Policy Context for Tertiary Education.

26-27 May – Canberra

With recent developments such as the demand driven funding review and the Commission of Audit, formulating and implementing coherent institutional strategies critically requires an understanding of the impact of policy drivers and national and international trends in tertiary education.

The two-day program on Leadership and the National Policy Context for Tertiary Education workshop from 26-27th May in Canberra provides a valuable opportunity to network with peers and explore the challenges of leadership while working in an environment of ongoing change.

Guest speakers include:

  • Professor Sandra Harding (Vice-Chancellor, James Cook University and Chair, Universities Australia),
  • Mrs Diane Paton (Director of TAFE Services, Community Services and Health, TAFE NSW, North Coast Institute),
  • Ms Belinda Robinson (Chief Executive, Universities Australia),
  • Ms Maria Spies (Director, Educational Technology and eLearning, NAVITAS) and
  • Professor Leo Goedegebuure (Director, LH Martin Institute).

For more information, visit our website.

Planning and Evaluating Tertiary Performance

16 – 18 June – Hong Kong

Contribute to planning the development or enhancing your institution’s capacity for evidence based decision-making.

This executive training program is for people involved in higher education planning and evaluation. It will enhance your understanding of research, and optimise your contribution to management and leadership.

Find out more

Budgeting and Financial Management for Tertiary Education Managers

6-7 May – Melbourne (limited places still available)

The ability to understand and manage financial resources is critical to managers in tertiary education institutions however many people are placed in roles without any formal training in this area.

The Budgeting & Financial Management for Tertiary Education Managers program, held in Melbourne on the 6-7 May will assist people who would like to strengthen their understanding of managing budgets and analysing financial data within the tertiary education context. It will also enable them to engage more effectively with financial specialists in their institutions.

Find out more and register.

Welcome to Dr Ruth Schubert

The Institute is thrilled to announce the recent appointment of Dr Ruth Schubert, Program Director (Vocational Education and Training). Ruth’s role will focus on developing programs specifically tailored to develop leadership, governance and management capability in the VET sector. Ruth comes to the Institute from TAFE SA Regional and has been an LH Martin Institute Council member.

Position Vacant


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