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LH Martin Institute    |    28 February 2014


World University Rankings pivotal to universities’ international standing

by Professor Roy Crawford

Roy_Crawford_190_eNews_111502Universities have a love-hate relationship with world university rankings – they are positive about them when they do well, much less so when they experience a decline. Universities are justifiably cynical in regard to the methodology employed by the three main ranking systems. However it seems inevitable that the rankings are here to stay and they cannot be ignored.

Can universities learn?

AlanLawler_190_eNews_111832by Alan Lawler

What would it take for a university to focus its extensive understanding about the nature of learning, which is currently focussed on students, to the operational processes of the university itself?

Adapting to a global market: university and airline alliances

by Andrew Gunn and Michael Mintrom

Michael_Andrew190_081021If universities are global businesses, operating in a global marketplace with a global clientele, can we learn anything from other sectors of private industry with these characteristics?

Romancing the university

by Marian Mahan

marian_t_190_eNews_113015I had a dream last night.   A student appeared in front of me. He said, “I’m listening to your lecture now but I have a quick question. Have you got time? Or should I U-Ask you?” “No, I have to hurry off to a meeting” I said. He said, “Ok, I’ll check the U-Library first. Ok, if we catch up at the U-Space later?”

“I’m having a dream” I thought to myself. “This must be the university of the future!”

Congratulations William Confalonieri

Deakin University CIO William Confalonieri has been named the inaugural iTnews Education CIO of the Year in recognition of his pioneering work streamlining online student services.

William participated in the Leading Universities Program in 2013 and the Institute is thrilled by his success.

Upcoming programs and events

This year, the LH Martin Institute is offering an expanded portfolio of programs and events based on the following key themes:

  •  Industry collaboration and partnerships
  • Reshaping the workforce – making universities employers of choice
  • New business models – the agile university
  • The changing student relationship with the university
  • Infrastructure and long term asset management
  • Leading change and building change capability
  • Research and Industry engagement with Asia.


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