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28 February 2014

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The first edition of ACER’s Higher Education Update for 2014 examines the impact of financial support on student decisions to defer, as well as what ATARs and attrition rates tell us about the relationship between growth and quality in higher education. We also explore whether Australia’s medical school admissions tools can or should predict the course performance of students.For more information on ACER’s higher education research please visit


The impact of financial support on university deferral


While there has been a substantial decline in the proportion of university deferrals in Victoria since student financial support has been increased, location and socioeconomic status continue to play a role in restricting access to higher education.


Predicting success in medical studies

Daniel Edwards discusses the findings of a multi-institution investigation of the ability of Australia’s medical school admissions processes to predict future achievement levels.


Growth and ‘quality’ in higher education

Strong growth in university enrolments may not necessarily be affecting quality, according to analysis by Daniel Edwards and Ali Radloff.

In other news

Creating an engaged student experience

International experience shows that, by putting in place the right conditions, institutions can improve student engagement.

Grey literature in Australian education
Gerald White discusses the need to better organise the proliferation of non-commercially published reports and documents of particular importance in the area of public policy.

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