Sydney Opera House turns 40

18 October 2013


The Sydney Opera House plays a central role in Australia’s life and identity.  It’s the world’s busiest performing arts centre, with seven performance venues open 363 days a year, offering audiences the opportunity to experience the best the world has to offer in every performing arts genre.

According to a survey by Deloitte, the Opera House is considered internationally as a more “relevant and esteemed” brand than “Brand Australia” itself. 

Since opening in 1973 more than 65 million people have seen shows, nine million people have taken a tour and millions more have visited the precinct or engaged online.

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When we’re talking about brands, the Sydney Opera House is quite simply Australia’s best.

At twilight on Sunday 27 October, the iconic venue will celebrate its 40th anniversary, putting together an incredible lineup of Aussie talent to mark the occasion.

The Sydney Opera House 40th anniversary concert will see Deborah Mailman, Baz Luhrmann, Sarah Blasko, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, John Butler, Megan Washington, Paul Grabowsky and members of the Wharf Revue take to the famous stage, amongst many others. The festivities take place on Sunday, 27 October at twilight on the Opera House Forecourt, which will be back in business after three years of upgrades.
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For a virtual tour of the Opera highlighting its spaces and showcasing the genres it hosts see
The Ship Song Project

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