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The Australian    |     16 August 2013

Rankings 2013

The Australian

With five universities in the world top 100 and 19 in the top 500, Australia has one of the strongest higher education systems internationally – in spite of scarce research dollars and small population and economic scale, according to Ying Cheng, the head of international university ranking agency Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Australia has 5% of universities in the top 100, ranking it third (behind the US and Britain)…by GDP it ranks 12th in the world (2.1% of the world total GDP) and it only has 0.33% of world population.

Australia has 19 top 500 universities.  Other countries that have a similar number of top 500 are France (20), Japan (20), Canada (23) and Italy (19). They all beat Australia on both GDP and population.

Melbourne again took the title of Australia’s best university at 54th. It was accompanied in the top 100 by the Australian National University (66th), University of Queensland (85th), University of Western Australia (91st) and Sydney (97th).

Glyn Davis, vice-chancellor of the University of Melbourne, said that while the rankings of Australian universities are achieved with far fewer resources than many of our international rivals, we expect Chinese Universities will rise rapidly through the rankings in the next five years.

While the US still dominates the list, especially the top 100 in which it takes out 62 spots, both it and Europe had seen a decline of 5% each in the top 500 list, while universities in the Asia Pacific had increased by 20%.

The top 10 universities are Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Cambridge, Caltech, Princeton, Columbia, Chicago and Oxford.

Rankings show “steady as she goes” for Australian unis

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