Open Universities launches MOOC platform

OUA Media Centre     |      21 March 2013

OUA open2StudyAustralia’s leading online higher education provider, Open Universities Australia (OUA),  has unveiled its own free online education venture, Open2Study.

OUA describes  Open2Study as “a new dimension in online learning, … is designed with the online student in mind.“

Paul Wappett, OUA chief executive says Open2Study Open2Study isn’t a me-too MOOC:

 … it’s objective is not merely attracting massive enrolments.  It’s the next evolution in online learning, centred on student success.  Open2Study provides an engaging and compelling education based on a comprehensive pedagogical model that recognises that online learners behave differently, and have different needs from on-campus learners.

Course materials comprise a  mixture of six to 10 minute videos, animations, simulations and quizzes, designed using high production values

Launched with 10 subjects, including Financial Planning and Introduction to Nursing there’s a pipeline of a couple of hundred and OUA expects to offer 40 to 50subjects by the end of 2013.   Open2Study courses commence on 22 April.


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