Vic TAFEs demand salary funding

The Australian    |    31 January 2013

VTA logoVictorian TAFEs have asked for new funding streams in this year’s state budget, arguing that the government has ignored its own economic regulator by funding TAFEs on the same footing as private colleges.  In a pre-budget submission to Treasurer Kim Wells, the Victorian TAFE Association requested new money to cover TAFEs’ community services obligations and their extra reporting and governance costs as public providers.  It also called for the restitution of funding to cover TAFEs’ extra employment costs, arguing that the government had saddled them with a higher wages bill.

Executive director David Williams said TAFE employment conditions are governed by enterprise agreements that had been negotiated “consistent with government policy and at times with government providing direct guidance”.  Yet they are competing with private colleges that only had to meet the minimum conditions of the modern post-secondary education award.


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