The School of Life

The Age     |    25 January 2013

School of Life

It’s called The School of Life, a place offering books and short courses about how to live wisely and well.  Almost five years after it was founded in London by philosopher Alain de Botton, it has  opened its second school in a Collingwood warehouse, complete with coffee shop and Readings bookstore.  Courses on How to make love last and How to find a job you love, have already sold out, while How to have better conversations will be repeated to meet demand.

The classes might consist of a meal with an interesting speaker, a city tour, or a free ”Sunday Sermon” by documentary-maker John Safran On Unrest.

The reading list is optional, and there are no exams.

Alain de Botton2The Cambridge-educated de Botton said the school addressed questions overlooked by a conventional education:

How to bring up your children, how to manage your work life, how to die – our modest suggestion is that maybe you can’t learn it all but maybe you can make a bit of progress in these areas.


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