Chinese share dips, Indian share growing again

The Australian    |      2 October 2012

The number of new undergraduates from overseas fell 12.8% in the year to August, latest figures show. Post-graduate commencements by overseas students rose slightly, compared with the same period last year.

Higher education starts in total were down by 6.7% to 82,825 in the year to August.

New university students from China, by far the biggest market, declined by 7.6% to 34,949 in the year to August, Australian Education International reported.

Higher education commencements out of India continued to grow, up 17.6% to 4931.

With enrolments of 11,896, India is not so far off  Malaysia, the No. 2 university market by volume.

The slide in vocational education continued with enrolments down by 13.9% and commencements 11%.


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