Universities’ staff half casual: new data

The Australian   22 August 2012
Dimensions of the academic workforce have become clearer with new data from a survey of 19 universities finding about 50% of staff are casual, according to casualisation researcher Robyn May.
Earlier analysis placed it at about 6o%.

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Density was lowest in the “old” or Group of Eight universities, where the average for the five members surveyed was 37%.  For the two Australian Technology Network universities surveyed (from five), the average was 66%.

The average was 47% across the four (of eight) “gumtree” universities.  That designation is applied to the institutions established in the 1960s and 1970s, such as James Cook University, Griffith University and La Trobe University.

For the eight “new” universities – which accounts for the rest of the sector,14 in all, such as Charles Darwin University and Edith Cowan University – the average was was 44%.


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