Go8 and China 9 extend alliance to promote international student flow

Go8 Newsroom   20 August 2012

The Conversation   21 August 2012

A newly extended alliance between the Group of Eight coalition of Australian universities and the China 9 universities is helping to build “globally mobile students” says Go8 executive director Michael Gallagher.

He said the alliance would measure its success by looking at numbers of highly cited co-authored publications, research collaboration and co-investment, and the degree to which there are two-way exchanges of students of staff.

“If you want globally mobile students with a global outlook then you need to have these group relationships to get agreements for credit recognition,”

But competing with elite universities from the United States will remain a challenge, as Chinese students continue to choose universities based on reputation and rankings.
And China’s own universities are doing better and better: in the 2012 Academic Ranking of World Universities produced by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the UK lost its second place behind the US for the number of universities in the Top 500 to China – if universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan are included.


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