Vic TAFE transition taskforce head appointed

Marianne Lourey, Executive Director ACIL Tasman Melbourne Office, has been appointed to lead the Victorian TAFE Transition Taskforce in place of  Phil Clarke.   It’s an interesting  appointment given that she’s a consultant with no apparent background or experience in education or training , although she has expertise in economic regulatory processes.  To quote from her “official” profile:

Marianne has more than 25 years experience, predominantly in the energy sector, working in, and consulting to, government, regulators and industry. She has worked in a broad range of areas including energy and climate change policy, economic regulation, energy supply security, business management, business development, manufacturing and power system planning.

In recent years Marianne has had extensive experience in climate change policy particularly in relation to the energy sector, including the development of market based mechanisms (emissions trading, renewable energy target schemes and energy efficiency target schemes) and feed-in tariffs, and policies to facilitate the deployment of new low emissions technologies (including renewable energy technologies, carbon capture and storage, and required transmission infrastructure).


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