Queensland TAFE chief walks

The Australian    29 June 2012

Queensland’s TAFE chief, Deb Daly has quit abruptly after being left off the Skills and Training Taskforce which is reviewing the future of the state’s vocational education and training system.  The 12-person taskforce includes two private college representatives but none from TAFE.  The only public education representative is department head Julie Grantham who has no direct vocational training experience.  Training Minister John-Paul Langbroek said the terms of reference included TAFE reform, and that including TAFE representatives would have created a conflict of interest.  This didn’t apply to private colleges because they weren’t “explicitly the subject of the terms of reference”.

In a notice to staff, Daly, who had planned to retire at the end of the year, said:

I had planned to make my work with the taskforce my last contribution to a sector that I feel truly passionate about.  Reading the writing on the wall, I can see that the government is looking in other directions for a way forward for the VET sector that may not involve the department as much as I had originally thought.


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