Bid to develop bushfire management system

 University of Tasmania Newsroom    22 May 2012

The University of Tasmania is hosting a Bushfires, Biodiversity and Climate Change workshop. The workshop will bring together a variety of participants hoping to develop a bushfire management system that will allowAustralia to cope with a changing climate that will almost certainly bring more bushfires.

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Professor David Bowman, UTAS School of Plant Science fire ecologist, will present at the workshop.   Climate change is likely to increase fire activity globally and south-eastern Australia is thought to be particularly vulnerable, as the 2009Victoria bushfire tragically underscored.   Professor  Bowman said this vulnerability raised issues about future management of bushfires, including controlled burning and the maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem processes.

 The focus of this workshop is to explore an adaptive management framework to develop ecologically sustainable fire management programs in Australia.

A range of researchers and land managers will be brought together to design this framework. Basically land managers are facing up to some very tough choices associated with managing fire, protecting people and property and sustaining biodiversity values.

The event is funded by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility.


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