Everybody knows

The Scan recently relocated to Elwood, a short stroll through the St Kilda Botanical Gardens to Acland St – trams, shops, cafes and restaurants, supermarkets.  The Gardens feature a Little Man standing in a lake, umbrella unfurled, his hand reaching out feeling for rain.  But he’s being rained on by his umbrella,  A poignant metaphor on life?

In a recent stroll, we came across a handwritten sign held down by a stone on a post, “See you there!”   See who?  See who, where?  A note perhaps to somebody in particular, perhaps to nobody or perhaps to everybody.   As everybody knows:

Looking through the crowd
I search for something else
But every time I turn around
I run into myself.

At the St Kilda end of the Gardens, you’ll find the Port Phillip Eco Centre, full of all sorts of information, a garden with two Blue Tongued Lizards, tea and coffee on a weekend and a conference room for smallish conferences, staff meetings etc – very reasonably priced.


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